3 Season Sunroom Kits
DIY Sunroom Kits is an authorized dealer of sun room kits and sunroom kit products.  
DIY Sunroom Kits offers a complete sun room kit line with everything you need to build your new sunroom!
Our 3 season Sunroom Kits are outfitted with Eze Breeze polyvinyl panels.

Eze-Breeze is designed to make outdoor spaces more utilized places. The
Ezebreeze product line offers several styles to choose from, our custom
made-to-order Ezebreeze components allow you to have fun designing an
outdoor space that's just right for you. You can use the Ezebreeze components to
replace existing screen enclosures or when adding a new one. The Eze-Breeze
vinyl window system is versatile, attractive, strong and easy to operate. The
EzeBreeze10-mil vinyl window glazing gives the benefit of glass without the cost or
the weight. EzeBreeze is as transparent as glass, but not nearly as heavy,
expensive, susceptible to cracking or breaking. If accidentally pushed or distorted,
the tough 10-mil vinyl will return to its original shape within minutes. EzeBreeze is
a durable product with a memory!  Your porch, patio, deck, gazebo and pool are
there for a reason. You love that touch of outdoor living in your home.  So why not
get more of what you love? Eze-Breeze vinyl widow system is a big improvement
over screens and an even bigger improvement over the open air and those
pesky insects..

The advantages of Eze Breeze sunroom windows are numerous.  Not only do Eze
Breeze windows cost less than traditional glass windows, but they let cool breezes
in and keep bad weather out, making outdoor spaces more inviting. They keep
moisture, dirt and pollen off your nice patio furniture and your family.

Eze Breeze windows eliminate the need for furniture covers and, come winter,
they eliminate the need for storage. Just close the panels, leave everything where
it is, and continue to enjoy your newfound living space. And if plants are your
thing, Eze-Breeze can also turn that underutilized room into a useable
greenhouse. Simply raise the
transparent panels. Light will still enter, but not the elements. And temperatures
will be kept at more plant-friendly levels.

Eze Breeze lets plants and people thrive. It also does wonders for resale values. It
gives your home an extra room
that can become a private retreat, a private spa, a rec room,a greenhouse, an
exercise room and more. But whatever it comes, a Eze Breeze room is also a
boost tot he curb appeal of your home.

Finally, Eze Breeze brings an end to those hours and hoursspent putting up
plastic. And those other hours and hours spent taking it down (just three months
later). Instead, Eze-Breezel ets you use that time to relax. On a dust-free lounge
chair.On your comfortable, dry and clean patio.

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When planning your DIY sunroom project it is important to think of how you envision you and your family using it. Do you entertain year round? Are you looking for a true extension
of your living area? Do you want your sunroom to look more like an interior room and less like a porch? Then it might be prudent to consider a four season sunroom kit, which can
be ordered direct from DIYSunroomKits.com. Just as the name implies, this is a space you can use throughout the year because the windows and roof is insulated. It can be wired
for electricity just like any other room in your home. The finished dimensions of a four season sunroom will be taken into account when calculating your home’s total square footage
(our direct order sunrooms kits are designed to be heated and cooled if you choose to do so). This will definitely increase your property value, making your sunroom kit a wise

In the hottest months of the summer and the coldest months of the winter, your family will be much more comfortable in a four season, insulated sunroom. Depending on your
climate, the weather in certain months would make a three season room or a screened in porch unusable. With a 4 season sunroom kit you can open presents around your
Christmas tree and still be warm and cozy. You can escape the heat of the summer and relax with a good book. There is also nothing better than sitting in your glassed-in sunroom,
curled up on the couch, and watching a thunderstorm.

A three season sunroom kit is also a perfect option for countless homeowners. If you are mainly looking for a way to keep the dust, dirt, pollen, and bugs out, this can still be
accomplished without investing in a full four season room kit. An EzeBreeze 3 season room kit will have the look of glass at a fraction of the cost. Many homeowners will be quite
comfortable in a three season room and won’t be deterred by losing a few months of use. There is also the option of installing a ceiling fan or using a space heater to help with those

Three season rooms can be built with glass, acrylic, or 10ml. polyvinyl. We recommend using the EzeBreeze system by PGT when constructing a 3 season room. You can direct
order these 3 season room kits from DIYSunroomKits. EzeBreeze is a four track window that allows for 75 percent ventilation. These kits are also available in horizontal sliders. 3
season room kits are a great option for homeowners that love the idea of a screened in porch but want the option of closing it off to the elements when needed. EzeBreeze windows
are shatterproof and low maintenance, which appeals to a variety of homeowners, especially those living on golf courses or families with young children.

DIYSunroomKits.com will ensure that your expectations are met and exceeded. We will be happy to give you a quote for a sunroom kit delivered directly to your home. Feel free to
email us or call us if you have any questions!
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