DIY Sunroom Kit FAQ

What Do I Need To Supply Separately?

Kits do not include foundation screws, gutters, downspouts or site preparation materials. Some components may require field modifications.

What Tools Do I Need?

Power Tools:
Miter saw with carbide toothed blade (optional)
Drill or cordless drill
Screw gun
Masonry hammer drill with ¼” and ½” drill bits (for concrete foundations)

Hand Tools:
Rubber mallet
Tape measure
#2 Phillips screwdriver
Utility knife
Putty knives
Tin snips
Hack saw
Locking pliers
Chalk line

Screw Tips:
#2 Square drive
#2 Phillips
¼” Socket/nut driver
5/16” Socket/nut driver
7/16” Socket/nut driver
¾” Socket/nut driver
¼” Drill bit

Misc. Tools:
4’ and 6’ Step ladders
Extension ladder (tall enough to safely reach the top of the roof)
Sheet metal brake

Is A Permit Required To Build A Sunroom On My Home?

Possibly. Building codes vary by location. Please check with your state, city, municipality or county for permit requirements.

How Long Will It Take For My Sunroom Kit To Arrive?

Your sunroom kit should arrive approximately 5-7 weeks after the order is placed.

How Are Materials Delivered?

Materials are delivered via our transportation provider who will contact you directly to schedule a convenient delivery date and time.

What Do I Have To Have At Home To Receive Delivery?

Depending on the size of the sunroom ordered, you should have at least 2 people available to off load the truck. No equipment should be
required for off-loading.

If Materials Are Damaged Upon Arrival, What Do I Do?

Contact our transportation provider who will assist you. We take extraordinary steps to ensure that our materials are well packaged and
wrapped to minimize damage during transit.

How Will I Know When My Sunroom Kit Will Arrive?

Our transportation provider will contact you and set up a convenient delivery date.

What If I Have Questions Regarding Installation?

Anytime you have a question you can contact our tech support team at 855-815-4552

What If All My Materials Are Not Delivered?

In the unlikely event you are missing materials, contact our customer support team at 855-815-4552 and we will expedite the missing parts to

How Do I Make Payments?

You can pay for your sunroom with certified check, credit card, or money order. Full payment is due at the time of the order.

When Do I Make Payments?

Full payment is due at the time of the order. We provide several convenient payment options for you including by credit card or check.

What Do I Do If I Have A Problem With The Sunroom After Installation?

Depending on the nature of your problem, consult our warranty for resolution then contact our customer support team at 800-230-8301.

What Type Of Mounting Surface Is Needed For Construction?

Our DIY sunroom kit can be constructed on a deck or a level concrete pad, with a foundation meeting local building requirements.

What is the recommended size for a sunroom kit?

When direct ordering a DIY sunroom kit, you must decide how large you want your space to be. To determine the size of your new sunroom
you will have to consider what you primarily want to use the room for. Many homeowners use their sunroom for entertaining, relaxing, and
dining. They can also be used as a conversation area or for watching TV. These days many companies allow their employees to work from
home.  A sunroom makes a wonderful office with tons of natural light. Some young families even use their sunroom kit for a playroom for their
children. If you regularly entertain larger groups and plan on using your sunroom kit for that purpose, you might opt to make it a larger
space. However, a larger sunroom kit tends to be more expensive so that must be kept in mind when sticking to a budget. You will also have
to take into account what kind of furniture you plan on having in the room and where you think it should be placed.

As important as size is location. Many sunrooms kits are placed off of the kitchen, dining area, or family room so that it is a natural extension
of the living area. Or it could be off of the master bedroom for a private retreat. You should also consider the amount of natural light your
proposed sunroom kit will get. Many homeowners prefer to let in as much light as possible while others would rather have it be in a slightly
more shaded area. Keep in mind where your property lines lie and what your HOA requirements are as far as building additions. All four
season rooms will come with stamped, permitable drawings when you order your sunroom kit direct from
DIY Sunroom Kits is an authorized dealer of sun room kits and sunroom kit products.  
DIY Sunroom Kits offers a complete sun room kit line with everything you need to build your new sunroom!
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