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DIY sunroom kits and DIY conservatory kits are professional, long-lasting, easy to set up, and come with easy step-by-step installation instructions. We provide only top quality
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A DIY Sunroom Kit sunroom will add value to your home from the moment you install it and still hold that value twenty years later. For most people, a home is one of the biggest
investments of a lifetime – protect your investment with the best quality addition you can buy.

3 Reasons a DIY Sunroom Kit Is A Better Investment Value For Your Home

Stronger Structural Parts

Where other manufacturers use standard aluminum for structural parts, DIY Sunroom Kit Sunrooms use a high temper aircraft aluminum alloy with ribbed reinforcement - the
strongest in the industry. Our dual hollow load bearing “Hurricane Header” will easily withstand gulf coast storms or heavy midwest snow loads with spans much greater than typical
sunrooms, giving space for larger window and door openings. While most sunrooms depend on the windows for structural stability, DIY Sunroom Kit walls are completely stable in
themselves, allowing you to change window and door arrangements or add options easily. This added strength also allows up to 20% greater window area over other sunroom

PVCu Cladding and Profile Insulation

Other manufacturers use painted aluminum, which scratches, sweats, shrinks and expands with the temperature, causing gaps for heat and water leaks. All DIY Sunroom Kits
structural aluminum parts are clad with virgin PVCu (not ground from scrap) which is treated with Titanium Dioxide (protects PVCu from damaging UV radiation). The effects of
thermal expansion and contraction are absorbed avoiding unsightly problematic gaps. Our PVCu cladding is 700 times more thermally efficient than thermally improved aluminum
and protects the structural alloy from the punishment of the weather. It won’t yellow or crack; and it’s the same color all the way through, not coated with a surface color, so
scratches don’t show. In addition, the Transitions superior design allows for full profile insulation. Just as the walls of your home are insulated, the profiles of the DIY Sunroom Kit
Sunroom are insulated to provide year round comfort.

High Performance Glass

DIY Sunroom Kit Sunrooms use some of the highest performing insulated glass system in the industry, with insulating properties more than 5 times that of standard sunroom glass.
Our available Low E 2 and Low E 3 glass uses special coatings which reflect heat back inside in the winter and reflect solar energy away in the summer, all while minimizing
damaging UV rays which cause furnishings to fade.

The available “Super Spacer” insulation system uses space age silicone foam, not metal, to separate the dual glass panes, reducing heat transfer and potential breakage. All
windows are Energy Star and NFRC certified, meeting or exceeding the most stringent energy requirements.

Unique Interlocking Connection System

Our patented interlocking connection system is made of structural fiberglass reinforced Amilon Composite. This space age material creates a strong joint that reduces expansion
and contraction. The interlocking joints are similar to the Mortise and Tenon system in a handcrafted Amish barn. This ensures a precision fit and provides much greater strength
and stability than standard zip screw connections. This precision interlock means no “bending to fit” during installation, and eliminates exposed screws, boltheads, and fasteners,
providing a cleaner look.

All Custom Sized Windows and Wall Designs

Unlike most sunrooms, all DIY Sunroom Kit wall systems and windows are custom manufactured to order. There are no stock panels or stock sizes or opaque “filler panels” to fill in
gaps. This can increase the amount of glass by 20% over stock sized windows and allow for limitless design possibilities. All the windows in your wall will be custom size, as will all
the structural members between windows. The whole width of your sunroom will have a pleasing, symmetrical look and your view will be unhindered.

Designed For Flexibility

The DIY Sunroom Kit system is engineered to accept all kinds of features and options, including lighting accents, ceiling fans, window treatments, even “doggie door” panels. DIY
Sunroom Kit walls have built in access areas to run electric, phone, cable or internet for a cleaner interior look. The system can accommodate three different door styles (single,
French or sliding) and four window styles (picture, sidelights, 2 lite slider, or 3 lite slider). If you’re on a budget, you can get the room size you want now and easily add upgrades
and options later.

Energy Efficient Options

DIY Sunroom Kits offers the most energy efficient sunroom system options available: Low E 2 and Low E 3 glass, Super Spacer, and the EcoGreen roof, deck, and wall system.
EcoGreen uses green building technology to provide unsurpassed energy efficiency and structural integrity, providing a comfortable and secure environment all year round. In
addition, EcoGreen systems offer a wide range of design and finish options to match your taste and the decor of your home.

Full Screens

DIY Sunroom Kit windows have full screens allowing either sash to operate, without opening the sunroom to insects or other pests. Most sunroom windows have half screens
because only half of each window can open.

Individually Designed & Precision Fabricated

To start with, each DIY Sunroom Kit sunroom is individually designed and engineered with CAD. No off-the-shelf package, no stock sizes, no mixing and matching. Then the parts
are precision fabricated in a controlled environment using computer guided saws and positioning systems.

The Perfect Fit

When each piece is fabricated, it is individually labeled and logged into our computer tracking system to make sure all parts are accounted for, the right size, and perfect fit. Most
manufacturers ship long parts to be cut and fit as the sunroom is being laid out, designed, and assembled on site, inviting errors in cutting and fitting by installers using crude
“chop boxes” and hand tools.

Quick Installation

The combination of professional design and our precision manufacturing means DIY Sunroom Kit Sunrooms can be constructed on your home quickly and seamlessly. Most DIY
Sunroom Kit sunrooms are constructed in as little as a week and create very little disruption to the household routine.
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